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2010 Christmas Concert, Chatfield College

How about listening to the 2010 Christmas Concert featuring original music composed by Sr. Cecilia Huber, OSU? There are six pieces which, in this player, should sequence automatically in order. The first is an introduction by the President of Chatfield College. Performed live, at 7:00 PM, December 3, 2010 at the Sacred Heart Chapel in St. Martin, Ohio. Sponsored by Chatfield College and the Lulu O. Craig Fine Arts Fund. Instead of using the player below, consider visiting the actual website for this concert at the Internet Archive. It contains other formats including mp3 files, detailed credits, and lists the musical segments individually, in order, allowing random access.

Roosevelt Organ

The first piece is a 50-second introduction by Brian. Next are 10 songs resonating from the 1886 Roosevelt Organ inside the Sacred Heart Chapel. The chapel is located in St. Martin, Ohio on the grounds of the Ursulines of Brown County Ohio and Chatfield College. These recordings were made on June 20, 2007 by Brian Highlander and Steve Bayer (sanus_excipio) as part of a multi-media course Mr. Highlander was taking at Chatfield College. Sister Cecilia Huber is the organist. See the website for this concert at the Internet Archive that contains the original hi-fi wave files, other file formats, and additional information.

Ursulines of Brown County Ohio Tour

This video is the product of an experimental independent-study multimedia course taken in 2006, at Chatfield College, by Mr. Steve-O. This movie provides a virtual tour of the grounds and some nut-shell history of the Ursulines of Brown County Ohio, in St. Martin, Ohio. Also, on the grounds, is the main campus of Chatfield College. A portion of the video shows Sr. Cecilia Huber playing the 1860's Roosevelt Pipe Organ. A web page at the Internet Archive provides other video options and more information.

My Amazing Reverie

A fictional audio story, narrated by a niece, created as family project entertainment. It is supported by numerous sound effects. See the website, containing credits for the freesounds, for this piece at the Internet Archive.