Freesound Contributions

Under the nom de plume of sanus_excipio ("sound capture") at the sound-sharing website, to date Mr. Steve-O has contributed over 40 original sound recordings to the freesound project. At the time of writing, several of the most popular sound files are:

plastic pellet pistol downloaded 1624 times as of 01/20/16

music box playing silent night downloaded 1146 times as of 01/20/16

distant shotgun range downloaded 323 times as of 01/20/16

canada geese @ nature preserve downloaded 229 times as of 01/20/16

plumber snaking drain stack downloaded 338 times as of 01/20/16

All of sanus_excipio's freesound contributions

The following links lead to sites that used sanus_excipio's recordings as part of a creative product of one kind or other. Through Freesound,org, Mr. Steve-O has little say over the end usage of the sounds. Thus, listener/viewer discretion may be appropriate in certain cases. For any of the following, Mr. Steve-O has no financial interest and no control over content, other than to report examples of usage. Caveat Emptor.

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening A short Robert Frost poem narrated by Urgelt. Tis a Youtube video using snow_sleet_on_pin_oak.wav which provides a very delicate background ambience.

A Day in the Sounds of Stanford - 3. Going to class

Squibs Arcade by Moby Games

The Final Flight of Joe Stack...The Cartoon - "....Many people will view Joe Stack in many different ways ..."

graphogame - "... a child-friendly computer game that helps children to learn the basic letters and their sounds."

AudioBus Soundwave Series Season ((3)), the most daring and adventurous season ever." AudioBus: Human Street Textures by Composer David Graves

Kung Fu Action Theatre - Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age - Episode Six: Visitors by the Kung Fu Action Theatre. used in Closing Music: Cool Spies, by Peter Chen

The Vegan Revolution...with zombies - "... kind of zombie apocalypse. A perfect blend of horror, humor and animal activism. Destined to become a favorite among zombie fans and vegans alike."

60x365 - "60x365 is being featured in The Fuse Factory's inaugural exhibition, Ignition ..."

Snohomish County Sesquicentennial: A Soggy First Flight in Snohomish - EVERETT PUBLIC LIBRARY PODCASTS, Everett, Washington

1 Hour-THUNDER & RAIN-Storm at Sea> - The Perfect Storm-Nature Sounds Without Music by johnnielawson

Talking Trees by Karen McCoy and Robert Carl

High Speed Photography Session with Sound by Grogo

Interview with Joe Hogan or Revenge of the Necro-Dancers by Rag-NERD-rok

le jeu Kill a Car game by Myriam Bizier

Bumbling Duo by KeepYourDistance

planetaziemia I'm not sure where my sounds are used here but I'm listed in the credits!

A sound-mixing app providing a mix of 4 ambient sonic circumstances - by Curit2 (used as "rain on car" - see attribution list)

Tactics, a digital music composition by Longwave Radio

ASMR - Motivation & Tips For Depression/Derealization/Anxiety (Whispers/Rain Sounds) on WhisperFinder web site by Trevor Kjorlien. "NOTE: This video should not be taken as medical advice. It's just anecdotal, real world experience."

Cookies by Yuri Kufa on YouTube

Animated Still - The Plane Crash by Richy Johnson on YouTube

St. Vivian Church Festival Father's Day Fireworks 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio by carexpertandy (Youtube Direct Link Here

Pixelbite Games Freesounds Credits page

Squibs Arcade "Squibs Arcade is a collection of games inspired by contemporary video games, distilling the game play to its most fundamental form, and re-imagining them with the style of the classic LCD games."

The Journey Down ... Chapter 1 "The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of brain-teasing adventure!"

Brick Up - Unity Asset Store "Brick Up is a full Unity template ready for release. It is compatible with mobile as well as webplayer in portrait screen."